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Ask Me by Bernard Waber and Suzy Lee (English)

Ask Me by Bernard Waber and Suzy Lee (English) Model Ask Me by Bernard Waber and Suzy Lee (English)

A father and daughter walk through their neighborhood, brimming with questions as they explore their world. With so many things to enjoy, and so many ways to ask—and talk—about them, it's a snapshot of an ordinary day in a world that's anything but.

Storywalks need to be picked up and returned at the Victoria Avenue Library. The Storywalk goes out for three weeks. This Storywalk has 19 panels.

A StoryWalk® is an opportunity for children to experience reading a book while walking through a park, trail or neighborhood. StoryWalks® promote literacy and outdoor physical activity. Additionally, they foster community involvement and parent engagement. Children of all ages may experience a StoryWalk® with family members or caregivers by following an outdoor path of large, laminated pages from an illustrated story. The pages also contain questions and reading cues to encourage discussion, predictions and to strengthen children’s emergent literacy development.

Storywalk Handbook

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