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Rosberg Gallery Exhibit: Brian Kon Metis Dot Art

About Brian  

The Metis are known as the "flower beadwork people" for their elaborately decorated clothing and possessions.

Brian has become an internationally recognized visual artist from the Metis Community. His style of art is called Dot Art (Bead Art Painting), which is a modern version of traditional beadwork created by Metis people. Each "bead" is applied as a single dot of paint to create the images in his art. Many of the designs in Brian's paintings can be traced to beadwork found on historic clothing and possessions of Metis people.

In addition to painting, Brian enjoys photography and sketching. He also makes traditional Metis clothing using materials and techniques once used by Metis fur traders in the 1700 and 1800's. Samples of his works can be seen when Brian attends both traditional and non-traditional indigenous ceremonies.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 Show more dates
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Rosberg Gallery Exhibits
Victoria Avenue Library
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